Friday, January 07, 2005

different kind of red state

This is a map of the United States with all the states that I've been to highlighted in red:

create your own personalized map of the USA

I could have used this map about ten years ago to help me and one of my sorority sisters keep track of a bet. Trish was my drinking buddy in college and while I worked in the music industry. She made a great plus one. I think she had a hollow leg where all the beer went. Back then I used to hang out at the Gallery Bar at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. They had a challenge pool table and I could be found there most nights, working on my "game". We met so many men from all over the country and, being incredibly competitive and consistently drunk, we made this bet. Whoever could "date" the most men from each state and/or country would owe the other a grand meal in Venice, Italy during Carnivale the next year. Each man from each state would count as one point and we had to go out with them twice for them to count. So if you were dating two men from Nevada, it would only count as one point. Double points were awarded for dating men from foreign countries. So this is my "man map":

create your own personalized map of the USA

We had a difficult time keeping track. As the men fell out of favor, we'd conveniently forget Kansas or whatever. I managed to remember that there was a purpose to this while she just kept dating guys from the same states she already accumulated points from. But she was a trooper and managed to keep up. We were pretty even for a while. Then I met a pilot from Australia, a musician from the UK, and two businessman - one from Switzerland, the other from France. She never made good on her bet. I wonder what she's doing now.

I haven't made a man map of the world (baby steps), but I would like my world map to have more red countries than my world man map. It is good to have goals.


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